About Us

You see things and you say – ‘Why’,
But I dream things that never were and I say – ‘Why not’?

– George Bernard Shaw

  • Why not? That is what we ask ourselves. Why don’t we offer a new color, a new cut, a new experience of diamonds?
  • If it has not been done before, it sets us thinking, why not! If it has been attempted before, we redefine it in true artistry.
  • Egged on this philosophy we have grown, in both variety and stature.
  • And finally we are taking our products to new horizons….
  • Come to Manak to think of it- Why not!

Manak Jewels is a renowned name in offering most multifarious color diamonds, briolette, beads, rose cut and old mine diamonds with a world class quality at the right prices. From flawless cuts to elegant shapes, from briolette to beads, our diamonds define true artistry. From traditional classics to fashion-savvy tastes, our offers suit all choices. We maintain a satisfying variety, enchanting enough to leave you enthralled.

Established in 1975 with headquarters located in San Francisco Bay Area, California, Manak is a core competent brand in manufacturing, sourcing, distribution and marketing of an extensive range of natural color diamonds and antique cut diamonds. Manak’s keystone can be best defined by- ‘an artist’s ardent dream coming to reality’ when brothers Ambrish and Yogendra Sethi pioneered the revival of color diamonds and antique cuts. This ingenious flight was given fresh wings by Sumeet Sethi who further scaled it to new heights.

The precursor factor of bringing back new versions of antique Briolette and Beads, Rose cuts and Old Mine cut diamonds gives Manak the ‘pioneer leadership’ in Ethnic Revivalism. The grandeur of Manak has only risen with the evolution of consistent approach to marketing the unique cuts, as well as all hues of fancy colors such as champagne, cognac, pink, green, gray, blue, orange and yellow. Intense passion for diamonds and zeal for enterprise places Manak Jewels at forefront of productive partnerships in the Jewelery Industry reflecting in the strong liaison with our customers, suppliers, employees and business associates. Manak being a proud member of prestigious organizations such as NCDIA, AGTA, AGS and CJA itself vouches for the repute and unmatched quality of its creations. Given the spectacular cuts, it is not surprising that Manak Jewels is been called “fine symphony in vibrant creations”.

Explore the variety, live the emotion!!!

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