Revived back in trade by Manak Jewels, Rose Cut & Old Mine Diamonds have become a universal focus of fine designer jewelry. This early type of old diamond cutting, which originated in India has been supplied by us for the past three decades.

Invented in the mid 16th century, Rose Cuts are flat cut diamonds with a series of up to 24 triangular facets terminating in a point on its top or it can be two back-to-back hemispheres (Double Dutch Rose) forming a total of 48 facets. This unique cut resembles a rose, thus implied in its name, and displays unusual brilliancy making the stone appear larger than it is.

The old mine cut diamond is the earliest form of the modern brilliant cut. Also called the "cushion cut", it has a cushioned shaped girdle. This cut of diamond is characterized by a high crown, small table, deep pavilion and large culet.

The old European diamond has a very small table, a heavy crown, and great overall depth. This diamond cut was the fore-runner of the modern brilliant cut. Like the modern round brilliant, the old European diamond has a circular girdle.

At Manak, we can provide you with as small as 1mm to 10 carats in variety of shapes.

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