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Brown Diamonds

Brown diamonds are the new classic. Their golden tones make them a softer, gentler alternative to the colorless diamond, and their neutral color makes them the perfect choice for timeless jewelry with a contemporary, trendy feel.

Brown diamonds in shades from champagne to cognac are found in Australia, Africa and Siberia. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia is the world’s largest producer of these stones.

Tremendous pressure exerted on a diamond deep in the earth can abnormally compress its structure, thus creating a brown stone.
When grading these diamonds, the trade uses the C1 to C7 grading scale created by Argyle. This scale separates the tone or depth of color progressively. On one end of the scale, C1 denotes the Champagne color and on the other end, C7 describes the Cognac color.

C-1 C-2 C-3 C-4 C-5 C-6 C-7
c-1 c-2 c-3 c-4 c-5 c-6 c-7
  • Fancy-Light-Pink Champagne Light
  • Fancy-Light-Pink Champagne Medium
  • Fancy-Light-Pink Cognac
  • Fancy-Light-Pink Burnt Orange
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