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Pink Diamonds

The hot favorites of connoisseurs, pink diamonds are considered the treasure of treasures. Pink has always been associated with femininity, love and grace. Pink diamonds have only been found in a few mines across the world. The Rich Golconda river in India, Brazil and Tanzania all produced notable diamonds in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, the Argyle mine in north-western Australia is famous for the number of pinks it produces.

A whole year of Argyle’s Intense Pink Diamond production can be held in the palm of one hand. To put the true rarity of pink diamonds, of every million carats of rough diamonds produced at Argyle, only one carat is suitable for sale.

Tremendous pressure exerted on a diamond deep in the earth can abnormally compress its structure, thus creating a pink stone.

Pink Color Intensity Grading

Light Pink Fancy Pink Intense Pink Vivid Pink
light-pink fancy-pink-box intence-pink vivid-pink
  • Fancy-Light-Pink Fancy Light Pink
  • Fancy-Light-Pink Fancy-Pink
  • Fancy-Light-Pink Fancy Intense Pink
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